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The Wine Project

Java Dance Theatre

There in the glass was the soil of a place and in that soil a soul.

We create something magical and dangerous when we tend the vines, crush the grapes and ferment the juice. The Wine Project invites you into a world of intrigue and aroma, of ritual and revelry of sex and power.
From the ancient Bacchanalian rites to the time-honoured traditions of France, the wine-making process is slow and fascinating.

Recently returned from sell-out seasons in Edinburgh, and across Australia and New Zealand, Java Dance has created a vintage piece of dance-theatre that envelops your senses.

This was one of the most captivating, original performances I have ever seen. It held tension from the first moment and used dance, rhythm, music, mime, movement and interaction wit such originality and innovativeness that I was enthralled from the beginning to end. AUDIENCE MEMBER WANAKA

FESTIVALThis is a dance of joy you feel to the extreme, a drama you know in your soul, a dark secret we share that you won’t admit is yours. THEATREVIEW

UPSURGE Festival 2017 - Proudly supported by Creative NZ - Kainui Road and Craigs Investment Partners


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