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The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra (Canada)

upsurge festival 2017 - sold out

Kurt Loewen – vocals & guitars, Ian Griffiths – vocals & accordion, Paul Wolda – percussion & vocals, Keith Rodger – double bass, Mack Shields – fiddle & vocals

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra is a collection of musicians, linked by common sonic journeys and family ties. The band originate from a small town on the Canadian West Coast and have spent years telling their stories with guitars and violins, with accordions and bass, with melodies and music makers gathered from their wanderings. They have performed multiple tours across Canada, the USA and Europe and are currently promoting their latest album, We Make Really Party, a collection of folk songs in English, Spanish and Italian.

Their music weaves in the multicultural Canadian tapestry: Roots, Eastern European Dance Party, Jazz, Bluegrass, Flamenco, African, Latin, Celtic, Métis, Rock, Gospel, Blues, Canadiana.

Adding another layer to the mix are the very different back­grounds of each of these five Canadian musicians – German Mennonite, Chinese, Dutch, Scottish and Métis. These troubadours remind you that this music could not exist without warm bodies in search of harmony.

This will be a very special afternoon of music at the much loved Duke of Marlborough Hotel.

UPSURGE Festival 2019

West-Coast bohemians with a taste for acoustic merriment, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra is a rambling and rootsy ensemble that communes over a melting pot of eras and cultures. Introducing seemingly divergent aspects of flamenco guitar work and African drumming into ol’ timey Western folk music, they have enchanted audiences with their vibrant and appealing projections since 2008. Beat Route Magazine, Canada

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