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Tami Neilson

upsurge festival 2017 - sold out 

With a soulful voice straight from the golden age of country and rockabilly music, Tami Neilson has been described as ‘a red-hot honky-tonker, somewhere between Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson with perhaps just a little bit of Peggy Lee sophistication’. Nick Bollinger, RNZ National

From her days in Canada touring with the Neilson Family band, opening for the likes of Johnny Cash, to singing her heart out along endless roads and stages, Tami has blossomed as a formidable talent in her own right, winning the Tui Award for each of her past four albums. Tami joins us with her band for an unforgettable night of music.

UPSURGE Festival 2017 - Tami Neilson

Tami Neilson is the greatest singer of any genre I have ever witnessed, and if there’s any justice in this crooked world, soon the rest of humanity will at least be given a chance to behold this for themselves. SAVING COUNTY MUSIC

UPSURGE Festival 2017 - Tami Neilson

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