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Shot Bro

Written by Rob Mokaraka. Director Erina Daniels.

A black comedy about a very real fight with depression.

Shot Bro, Confessions of a Depressed Bullet is inspired by true events. In 2009, Rob Mokaraka, a highly acclaimed actor and playwright, had undiagnosed depression that resulted in him being shot by police in an attempted suicide. Shot Bro is the product of Rob’s seven-year journey of healing and self-discovery. Since that fateful day he has come to appreciate the widespread effect of depression and mental illness within our communities. Shot Bro is a powerful one-man show that provides a vessel to expose, share and discuss the effects of depression and to help audiences find positive ways forward.

Using his utility belt of tools like stand-up comedy, expert dance moves, mime and puppetry, Rob unfolds his depression in an entertaining yet insightful way, shining light on a traumatic event. Each performance is followed by an open forum facilitated by Rob Mokaraka.

UPSURGE Festival 2017 - Shot Bro - Confessions Of A Depressed Bullet - Awards

If good theatre involves revealing hidden secrets of human experience, showing us we are not alone, and for taking us places we have never been (and we may not want to visit in reality), thereby expanding our awareness of ourselves and each other in challenging yet life-affirming ways, then Shot Bro delivers this in spades. THEATREVIEW


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