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Seven Deadly Stunts

UPSURGE Festival 2019

Written and performed by David Ladderman and Lizzie Tollemache
A Rollicking Entertainment Production

From the creators of 2017 hit Mr and Mrs Alexander: Sideshows and Psychics…

Step right up as Rollicking Entertainment celebrates seven of the most notorious stunts in carnie history, with this nail-biting experience inspired by the life and times of Harry Houdini. Escapology, chainsaw juggling, walking on broken glass and other famous feats are performed along with the stories of how… and why they exist.

This show is literally seven stunts, each an exercise in danger, trust and skill. But it’s also seven stories – from the sideshow, the Freak Show, the Music Hall, Vaudeville and Big Top. It’s one real married couple. It’s a celebration of what is possible. And it’s for you – if you ever fell in love with the world of Houdini, of Carnivale, or The Night Circus.

Exciting, terrifying and genuinely funny, roll up and join the dastardly duo of Rollicking Entertainment’s Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman. Come laugh, gasp and cheer – the carnival is in town!

Alternately amusing and gripping. THEATREVIEW

It is silly. It is saucy. It was old-fashioned glorious entertainment dragged from the sideshow tents of history onto stages throughout the country. It is – and it bears repeating because it is simply true – a rollicking good show. THEATREVIEW

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