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Portraits In Motion

Presented by Aurora Nova (Berlin).

Intrepid traveller and passionate creator of photographic flipbooks, Volker Gerling has walked over 3,500km throughout Germany since 2003. He creates flipbook portraits of the people he meets along the way.

In this unassuming but beguiling performance, Gerling presents images of his portraits, together with the story surrounding each encounter; drawing us into the fragile moments that lie beneath the initial self-conscious poses. Living in the world of the ‘selfie’, this idiosyncratic, beguiling artist confronts us with our capacity for sudden deep intimacy with our fellow beings.

A beautiful, communal event, resonant and unexpectedly affecting.

Winner of the Total Theatre Award for Innovation at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe.

Presented in partnership with The Adelaide Festival and Wanaka Festival of Colour.

In Volker Gerling’s tiny flipbooks, great things emerge from small candid portraits of strangers that offer fascinating glimpses into the human soul. BROADWAY BABY

A quirky delight…one of those shows you hope to stumble across, an oddity and a revelation. FINANCIAL TIMES

Uniquely heart-warming. THE TIMES


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