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Pass The Gat

upsurge festival 2017 - sold out  

Warren Maxwell, Thomas Oliver & Louis Baker

This is way more than your average guitar party. Three of New Zealand’s top singer-songwriters bring together their rich blend of melodies and musicianship as they take turns passing the gat. Celebrated musician and Arts Laureate Warren Maxwell is joined by the soulful, rising star Louis Baker and internationally acclaimed Weissenborn slide guitarist Thomas Oliver.

Together these men of music put on a genre-defying show of singing, strumming, and playing each others songs, including some covers that you may not expect – there’s no telling where their guitars will take them nor where the often hilarious banter will go.

Commissioned by the Auckland Arts Festival in 2015.

It’s really refreshing hearing our songs in this context. You can be really intimate with the dynamics and then crank it as well. I’ve always loved harmony so performing with Thomas and Louis kind of feeds my own craving – I love it! Warren Maxwell

Rehearsals with these guys are great. Half the time seems to be spent heavily invested in the music, making every effort to make it as deep and transcendent as possible, and the rest of the time is usually spent cracking up at each other or talking about how good the chips were from over the road. Thomas Oliver

Three very different musos, one unique evening. RNZ NATIONAL

UPSURGE Festival 2017 - Creative NZ and Pacific Motor Group Ltd - Supporters of "Pass The Gat"

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