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Michele A’Court

upsurge festival 2017 - sold out 

Written and performed by Michele A’Court.

Mum, how can I possibly thaw bread without electricity?

When Michele’s daughter got a job and went flatting, she spent the following months remembering all the things she forgot to tell Holly before she left – such as how to store ginger, get rid of bloodstains, calculate GST, the meaning of feminism… that sort of thing.

Stuff I Forgot to Tell My Daughter is the result of these musings and is full of hilarious lessons for us all. Michele was voted Female Comedian of the Decade in 2010 by the New Zealand Comedy Guild, and is a vital part of this country’s comedy scene. After first performing this show at the 2013 New Zealand International Comedy Festival, Michele wrote a book based on it, released by Harper Collins in 2015 which has been a huge success. For people who have had children, those who might have children, and those who have been children, it is a must-see show.

Michele A’Court is inspiring and, most importantly, very funny. CHRISTCHURCH PRESS

Hilarious, informative, eye-opening. Everyone leaves the theatre with a smile! SOUTHLAND FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS

UPSURGE Festival 2017 - Creative NZ supporters of Michele A'Court - Stuff I Forgot To Tell My Daughter


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