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An Interactive Earth

UPSURGE Festival 2019

Perceptual Engineering. Jon Baxter – Concept/Visual Design & Animation
Puck Murphy – Interactive Programming – Touch Designer. Peter Hobbs – Interactive Sound Design

Auckland based digital artist Jon Baxter from Perceptual Engineering presents An Interactive Earth. Jon’s credentials include the AV content at the Rugby World Cup opening in 2011, AV for the hit musical Pleasure Dome and Ngā Hau for Wellington Museum as well as a raft of other acclaimed commercial and community projects.

A hybrid between the digital and physical worlds, An Interactive Earth is based on a two-metre diameter fibreglass sphere projected onto from all sides creating a stylised version of the earth.

An iPad built into an old wooden church lectern gives the audience control over the fate of the earth by manipulating the parameters ‘nature’, ‘development’, ‘control’ and ‘chaos’. These parameters are intrinsically linked; as development increases nature decreases. Only when the parameters are in balance can harmony occur. An interactive experience sends a very important message: We must take responsibility for our actions!

An Interactive Earth will be installed outside Kemp House, by the Kerikeri Basin, and is free for the whole community to enjoy.

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