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Fly Our Wishes

Fly our wishes is a special community project facilitated and led by Junk & Disorderly (Rangiwahia Environmental Arts Centre) from the Manawatu.

Junk & Disorderly are all about bringing people together for learning and fun, raising awareness of environmental issues and positive actions for change, promoting local pride and encouraging hopes and dreams through a creative process.

These talented artists will host a series of workshops in primary schools all around the region, along with a free community event, in the lead up to the festival, culminating in a fabulous colourful installation erected in the Turner Centre over the festival period for audiences to enjoy.

Children will work together with Junk & Disorderly to create a series of collaborative objects that will include butterflies in flight, dream clouds, jellyfish and colourful birds all of which will express their own personal hopes, dreams and wishes in their own creative way.

The installation will present an insightful experience for the viewer bringing wonderful colour and vibrancy to the festival and really help celebrate the regions young people in a creative and thought-provoking way.

To find out more about the schools workshops or the community event please contact Jo Hughes – for further details.

UPSURGE Festival 2017 - The Dalton Trust Supporters of "Fly Our Wishes"

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