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Fire & Grace

Virtuoso Violin Meets Celtic Guitar (USA)

This duo makes music that will take you on a journey into the universal Fire & Grace that connects the elements of classical, folk and contemporary music traditions from around the world. The performance will take your mind and heart from a prelude by Bach, to an Irish reel, from a tango by Piazzolla to a Spanish love song, from Winter by Vivaldi to a Balkan dance tune. Expressive and compelling melodies, fiery and graceful rhythms, and imaginative arrangements unite this diverse musical experience. The virtuosity and charm of this duo will transport you, entertain you, and leave you spellbound.

William Coulter is an internationally acclaimed master of the steel-string guitar with a string of awards behind his belt. Collaborations have been a mainstay of his career including tours and recordings with Gourd Music artists Neal Hellman and Barry and Shelly Phillips; classical guitar virtuoso Benjamin Verdary, and Irish flute wizard Brian Finnegan.

Edwin Huizinga is an award-winning violinist with a diverse performance history. He can be found onstage performing with one of Canada’s biggest indie rock bands, collaborating with one of the world’s greatest baroque orchestras, joining master chamber musicians and also as a soloist touring around the world.

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