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Dirt & Other Delicious Ingredients

upsurge festival 2017 - sold out   

Java Dance Theatre

A squishy, wild and playful dance!

Follow stubborn Rupert as he attempts to resist the percussive beat of Raf and Lorietta’s drumming, the chocolate tones of Gustavo’s cello and the charms of the heroine Korra. These delightful characters use music and dance to dig deep in the dirt, finding stringed instruments, spices and bountiful harvests. A feast for all the family.

Dirt and other Delicious Ingredients is a dance theatre work with live music set in a land of smelly spice. There’s magic hidden in every crevice, you just need to dig deep!

“Everything that we consume and create comes from ingredients found in the earth. We may transform the shape, form, colour and chemistry of what we find, but everything begins in the dirt.”

Suitable for ages 3+

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