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Bruce (Australia)

Written by Tim Watts and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd
Performed by Daniel Buckle and Nick Pages-Oliver

From the creator of the award-winning inter­national hits The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer and It’s Dark Outside comes a new low-fi puppetry spectacular. Get ready for an epic puppet adventure that bends time and melts your heart.

Keeping you at the edge of your seat, BRUCE will sweep you away on an epic adventure of love and revenge. He may be just a yellow block of foam with a pair of disembodied hands, but BRUCE is out to prove he’s got a heart of pure gold. BRUCE is a two-man, one-puppet show that fuses mime and puppetry in a non-stop rollercoaster of action, adventure and low-fi nostalgia.

BRUCE is a high-octane, low-fi adventure with genuine edge-of-the-seat thrills… The Guardian, UK

The amount of humanity these two Australian puppeteers manage to imbue into their squeezey protagonist is remarkable and delectable… – ★★★★ – The Times, UK

I’ve never been so emotionally attached to a sponge…. – ★★★★★ – Edinblogger

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