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3 Speed Crunch Box Rebooted (Australia)

UPSURGE Festival

Laugh out loud stupidity and side-splitting slapstick. Nail biting circus tricks and a phenomenal finish.

The world-touring, crazy stunt people from Dislocate’s show 3 Speed Crunch Box are back with their brand-new show, 3 Speed Crunch Box – Rebooted. In this hilarious story of a family of outlandish stunt people, expect impressive aerobatics, spectacular circus tricks and – you won’t believe it – even more stupid characters in this absurd, side-splitting slapstick

3 Speed Crunch Box – Rebooted was commissioned by Circus Oz for their educational program in 2016.
UPSURGE Festival 2019

The kids were absolutely mesmerised with eyes not even blinking. They laughed, clapped and cheered throughout. MeeToo

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